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Smart Plastic Welding „Made in Italy“


Our catch phrase SMART PLASTIC WELDING is both the objective we set for ourselves and a leitmotif.
All activity, every reflection inside our company is shaped by it.
It is our promise to our customers all over the world.


OMISA - Smart Plastic Welding

The Company

Increasingly and throughout the world, OMISA has been placing itself on the map as the brand for welding technology “Made in Italy.” We are proud to have achieved this! This is the result of a corporate strategy that ...

OMISA - Smart Plastic Welding

The Products

OMISA is your knowledgeable partner for all fields of plastic jointing technologies. Be it small or large sizes, be it jointing with heater coil fittings for electrofusion, butt welding, or retrofits of existing systems with ...

OMISA - Smart Plastic Welding

The Service

Ensuring or restoring OMISA Welding Systems to operation readiness and operation safety is one of our corporate objectives...


Product News

OMISA HWT 125 SW light - Available soon

OMISA introduces the new all-purpose socket welder for PP, PP-R, PVDF, PB, and PEHD fittings and pipelines in the range of dimensions from O.D. 20 - 125 mm, for professional overhead welding and operations in a confined space, yet also for standard workshop applications...

Product News

New HST 300 Line

The name HST 300 Line represents a family of products accounting for more than 40,000 units sold worldwide, which adds light weight and compact dimensions to highest-level performance.

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MCE Milan 2020

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