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Socket Welding

The lighthouse feature of the socket welders for PP, PVDF, PE pipes and fittings of O.D. 16 - 125 mm are diamond-shaped clamps that allow effortless positioning and securing of the fittings and pipes of all sizes and a specially designed fastening system, which is at the heart of the easy changing of the clamps depending on the job at hand.


The setpoint assistant and the corresponding heating spigots and sockets are available pursuant to DVS type A, DVS type B, ASTM.

The machine 7125 ships in a rugged, steel transport and set-up box.


This professional socket welder for saddle-style fittings is designed for all-purpose welding applications in PP, PP‑R, and PEHD pipeline grids...

7125 - 7125/LI

The machine is used to socket-weld PP, PVDF, PE pipes and fittings of O.D. 20 - 125 mm. Diamond-shaped clamps allow effortless positioning ...

Socket Welders

Socket welders by OMISA have an ergonomic handle for heating the socket and spigot, are available for various dimensions, ...