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WhiteLine OMISA HST 300 2.0

Sanitary Applications

OMISA’s all-purpose electrofusion welders for heater-coil fittings offer expertly and convenient jointing with PE fittings for electrofusion sized 16 - 315 mm in wastewater and roof draining applications.

Controlled by a microcontroller, the next-generation welder OMISA HST-S-315 2.0 enables temperature compensation by welding duration and features input and output voltage monitoring. It thereby is the convenient choice for power supply from a generator on a worksite, too.

The welding process is monitored for its full duration, and relevant information is displayed on the seven-segment screen.

The welder ships equipped with connection adapters A00, A01, A02, A04, and A0P (Waviduo 200 - 315 mm).

The delivery also includes a manual scraper for professional pipe preparation before welding.

With its compact dimensions and the long power supply and welding cables, the welder has an extremely large working radius and can therefore be used for those pipelines that are hard to reach.

Technical Specs


 OMISA HST – S – 160OMISA HST – S – 315 2.0
Automatic data logging--
Operating range, diametersup to 160 mmup to 315 mm
Welding monitoring system
Connection adapters

A00 - yellow connector - fitting sized 16 - 160 mm
makes Valsir, Akatherm, Eurofusion, Geberit, Waviduo,
Coes, and Vulcathene-Euro

P/N 402-200-003

Multi-adapter (optional) P/N 402-300-002

A00 - yellow connector - fittings sized 16 - 160 mm
makes Valsir, Akatherm, Eurofusion, Geberit, Waviduo, Coes
P/N 402-200-003

A01 - blue connector - fittings sized 200 - 315 mm
makes Valsir, Akatherm, Eurofusion, Wavisolo
P/N 402-200-004

A02 - red connector - fittings sized 200 - 315 mm
make Geberit
P/N 402-200-005

A04 - white connector - fittings sized 200 - 315 mm
make Coes
P/N 402-200-006

A0P - green connector - fittings sized 200 - 315 mm
make Waviduo
P/N 402-200-007

Multi-adapter (optional) P/N 402-300-002

Power supply230 V230 V
Output currentmax. 5 A11 A
Output voltage230 V230 V
Weight1.7 kg3.95 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D)165 x 200 x 85 mm355 x 150 x 295 mm






OMISA WhiteLine HST – S – 160

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OMISA WhiteLine HST – S – 315 2.0

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User's Manual

PDF IconOMISA HST-S-160IT | EN | DE | ES2.6 MB
PDF IconOMISA HST-S-315 2.0IT | EN | DE | ES2.9 MB