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EasyWeld 110 (T)

EasyWeld 110 (T)

OMISA’s EasyWeld 110 (T) is your professional solution for butt-welding applications with PE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE pipes and fittings for all pressure ratios, from O.D. 20 through 110 mm (Tees O.D. 20 through 90 mm). This system enables a unique way of handling that is simply unavailable anywhere else. For welding operations, it offers all the advantages of a mobile butt-welding system that is user-friendly and handy enough to be at home at any place, both on worksites and in workshops.

The clamps on the machine chassis are available with horizontal and, optionally, with vertical adjustability, enabling pre-welding precision placement in both dimensions, which is particularly important for optimum results in tee and segmented-bend welding applications. Its compact and lightweight design makes the  OMISA EasyWeld 110 (T) the optimum choice for overhead welding operations. The manufacture of fittings is possible thanks to the clamps on the chassis bilaterally swiveling by up to 15 deg. each. For tee jointing operations, clamps for the chassis are available that are set at a 45 deg. angle.

The machine as a whole with its frame is mounted on a heavy-duty, powder‑coated base panel. Part of the system’s standard delivery is the perfectly ergonomically designed manual facing tool with the possibility of horizontal adjustment and a two-edge usable facing blade. The facing tool with electrical drive, too, features horizontal adjustability and a two-edge usable blade, all of which extend its useful life. The electronically controlled, PTFE-coated heating element features an integrated temperature control.

Technical Specs


Technical specsEasyWeld 110 w/ horizontal adjustability and manual facing toolEasyWeld 110 w/ horizontal adjustability and power facing toolEasyWeld 110 T w/ horizontal and vertical adjustability and power facing tool
P/N EW110-…-051-052-053
Operating range, O.D.20 - 110 mm20 - 110 mm20 - 110 mm
Operating range for tee welding


-20 - 90 mm
Power supply230 V / 110 V1), 50 Hz230 V / 110 V1), 50 Hz230 V / 110 V1), 50 Hz
Rated power heating element/facing tool800 W / -800 W / 500 W800 W / 500 W
Overall weight inclusive of all components2)31.9 kg35.4 kg38.4 kg
Reducer inserts, 4 semi-circular jaws per size20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 9020, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 9020, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 90


1) upon request
2) Machine, facing tool, heating element, accessories, reducers





OMISA WhiteLine EasyWeld 110 (T)

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EasyWeld 110 (T)


Welding Neck Support



Narrow Clamp

LH side
RH side


Tabletop support for facing tool



Vertical adjusting mechanism